About Me


Robert Bang is an Ohio based artist, widely known for his uncanny likeness to Marilyn Manson. As a model, he has worked on the other end of the lens, with various photographers, in magazines, videos, and on websites. Now Robert is pursuing a career in photography.

- Experience As a Photographer-

"I've worked with several models, shot a few live concert photos, a Halloween wedding, and a music video.. and I'm just getting started. My style of photography varies with each subject or location. You can see my some of my work, using links on the Contact page."


Born as Robert Cooper, in Portsmouth, Ohio on December 4th, 1984. Parents: Judith Ruggles-Cooper (Mother) & Charles Dillon Cooper (Father). Siblings: Candace Dee Cooper (Sister) & Charles Leroy Cooper (Brother).

In 2006, Robert left Ohio and moved to Dallas, Texas. Since his arrival in Dallas, he has worked as a musician, journalist, model and Marilyn Manson look alike. When he's not working, he enjoys watercolor painting, collecting oddities, and partying with friends. (Recently, in August 2016, Robert moved from Texas back to Ohio, to see his old friends and family again.)

More about Robert, in his own words;

"Origin of the alias": In 2004, I started using the alias Build A New God, a lyric in the song 'Rock is Dead' by Marilyn Manson. Later, in 2006, when I moved to Dallas, Texas, I abbreviated the name to B.A.N.G, and later using variations such as Mr. B.A.N.G and eventually Robert Bang.

Hobbies/Interests: I like collecting oddities, such as animal bones, mannequin heads, insect exoskeletons, and other bizarre & creepy stuff. I also have a mask collection, from my favorite horror movies/shows.

Inspiration: Inspiration for my makeup, outfits, and other forms of expression mostly come from Marilyn Manson, but a few other inspirations are David Bowie, Alice Cooper and KISS. Other people who inspire my creativity are Salvador Dali & Edgar Allan Poe.

--After 10 years in Texas, I have worked as a journalist, web designer, computer specialist, club promoter, music promoter, model, and Marilyn Manson look alike. Some of the people I've worked with include but are not limited to: Panoptikon night club in Dallas Texas, Halo Guitars (company), Gothic Hangman (photographer), RivetHead (band), Gorgeous Freaks (magazine), Sanctuary (magazine), and more...